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Extreme couponing sites do they use

extreme couponing sites do they use

a statement. During the program extreme Couponing the couponers were shown in various stages of collecting coupons, including dumpster diving and going to their neighbors to collect the newspaper weekly coupon inserts. Thats why I have a pre-made meal planning guide. That takes a lot more time. For many, it is more than a 40 hour work week just collecting, organizing and strategizing the best scenarios for redeeming the coupons. I wanted to throw in the towel after week one. Searching for coupons takes about 2 hours (I do a little bit each day, and sometimes I will walk to the grocery and drug stores in our area and search for tear pads clipping and organizing takes at least 2 hours once per week, planning. Is that really worth it? Real extreme couponers make a full-time job out of collecting coupons and matching the coupons to stores' sales and utilizing the individual stores' coupon policies to get the very most out of every coupon that they redeem. Granted, in my opinion, the hard work is well worth it but its worth it for. I tried extreme couponing for a month and, lemme tell you, it was nothing at all like the show!

Money spent:.71 (on frozen pizza, frozen berries, and frozen veggies yes, all of the coupons were for frozen items) Money saved:.50 Week 4: Thats. We understand that some customers may have questions regarding the coupon policy after viewing the show and we welcome your comments. People who have never used coupons before often call extreme couponers crazy and hoarders. That amount of time is only if its a slow week for deals.

Extreme, couponing show simply use ring-binders.
Not So, extreme, couponing for Beginners, they have huge stockpiles in their homes.
social media sites for couponing in any store you want.
Extreme, couponing goes through the process that the shopper goes through to get the best deal with the coupons they have.
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The show offers insight into the mind of these individuals, and does give some background information as to why they decided to pursue this hobby. It is not easy. Weekly totals: Time spent: 10 hours for the whole week searching coupons and then shopping. Poor Example of Real Couponers, unethical Behavior, during one of the episodes, Tide coupons used by the profiled couponer were later exposed as being counterfeit. I tried to focus on the products that I needed, not just the ones that were the big extreme couponing mega deals. They arent as common and, usually, arent listed where the other coupon deal sites have their weekly finds. If you want to give extreme couponing a shot, you will need to have thick skin so that the negative feedback doesnt bother you. You need a large stockpile area. Comments Comments This post may contain affiliate links. Personally, I spend a minimum of 5 hours per week on couponing. Scripted Fake Deals, there were several examples shown where the profiled couponers received massive savings with their coupons, but in reality, the coupons that they used did not match up with the products advertised on the coupon. It may not be worth it for you.