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Paul chen hanwei swords coupon code

paul chen hanwei swords coupon code

489.97 Buy It Now Free Shipping The Practical Pro Elite Katana from Hanwei has an extended tsuka and a thicker and longer (29) Performance Series blade with a finer polish when compared to others. Steel lobate pommel, leather wrapped handle, leather covered scabbard. Katana Sword is a functional and traditional piece that you can use and own with pride. Preserved in the mud of the bed of the River Ouse for almost a millenium, the sword has now found a permanent home in the Yorkshire Museum, where it is a leading attraction. Samurai Sword in the style of Miyamoto Musashi. Sign up on our home page or contact us for your discount code, nOW! This display is both aesthetically pleasing and highly educational. CAS Hanwei SH6003XGF Katana by Paul Chen Samurai Sword and sword stand 569.97 Buy It Now Free Shipping The Musashi XL Katana from Paul Chen Hanwei provides a cutting sword that is economical yet authentic. Sharpened, steel hilt with down curved quillons.

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paul chen hanwei swords coupon code

The weight and balance provide for a very usable sword. Bainite is a structure. Paul Chen PC2472 Hunter Wakizashi The Hunter Wakizashi is built on the Hanwei Brand New Factory Original! Hanweis version of the sword replicates the lobated pommel and steeply down curved quillons of the hilt perfectly, while the wide-fullered blade is reproduced in 5160 high-carbon steel. Bamboo Katana by Paul Chen / Hanwei. CAS Hanwei Paul Chen SH2073 Practical Plus Series - Katana Japanese Sword 327.97. Paul Chen Swords you will NOT be disappointed (SH1070 Practical Katana shown)! The Paul Chen Hanwei Cawood Sword is a fully functional Viking sword that is perfect for collectors of Viking weaponry. The long tang is double-pegged for security. Practical Katana by Paul Chen / Hanwei 400.00 Buy It Now or Best Offer Very good practical katana. 710.11 Buy It Now Free Shipping Lion Dog WakizashiThe Lion Dog Wakizashi from Paul Chen of Hanwei Features an O-Kissaki blade of our own high-alloy HWS-1S steel, which combines superior performance with an outstanding O-choji hamon. Blade Length: 27 1/4".